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Originally posted by Debbi:
We joined the Carvival Vacation club (I nagging please) and are doing our first cruise using our points in a couple of weeks. One reason we joined was to get the VIP services and priveledes which we have enjoyed and used in the past.. Our Carnival Vacation rep told us that it would show up on our Fun Pass but never did. Does anyone know what gives???

Read and post cruise reviews
Make sure you take some kind of CVC identification with you. Do you have a card or something like that?

VIP should definately be on your paperwork. CVC does have to manually "apply" it but you do still get the VIP Check In AND Debarkation.

I am not sure they still do the "party"...but the VIP Check In and Debark are good for as long as your contract...even if you pay cash for a cruise when your points run out!!