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Originally posted by Tucson Debra:
Thanks everyone.

I gave my PVP Jeff a call. Very laid back, gave me all the options and explained differences between them, and didn't try to upsell me on anything (like vacation protection, which I don't need).

He will make sure that if prices go down, he'll drop my reservation price to match, remind me when the remainder of my deposit is due, etc.

Definitely a pleasant experience thus far. Thanks again, everyone.
We always use a PVP and have a specific one we call, Her name is Wendy and she gives us excellent service. A word of caution however, there are some pushy, a case of 1 in every crowd perhaps. 2 experiences to relate. First my personal experience: A PVP called me and wanted to book my next cruise, I told him we always used Wendy and he said she had left and he was the replacement. Not true, Wendy was only on a vaca of her own. He was simply trying to steal her clients. The other was a co worker: Called to pay her balance and her PVP was busy and so she elected to talk with someone else just for this transaction. This fellow pushed her to buy other stuff, told her that he could get better deals than the other one. Sounds like he was trying to steal a client. So when you find one you like, get the extension number and insist on dealing with that PVP, accept no substitutes.