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I am so impressed with the amount of information on this site.I was a travel agent myself for more years than I can remember but you guys have an wealth of knowledge that I can't even match
My questions and I see most of them have already been answered here in one way or another but I really need someone to condense it all down for me, are as follows

Would like to catch ferries / trains / buses from Naples to Capri and then to Sorrento and back to the port do you have times and prices ??

Same thing with Rome we really just want to go into Rome from the port and feel those BIRG tickets would be best especially if local buses are included in price.

Now Florence is where I come unstuck, we would obviously like to see the leaning tower if possible but if the times are to tight my preference is to go into Florence and just wander around, train again or what?

We are docking in Cannes on our final day and we would like to go to Monte Carlo I have been before but my husband hasn't. so can we get a coach from Cannes port into Monaco and then use local buses in MonteCarlo and have enough time to get back to Cannes

I do love the answers regarding the private tours and I would love to take advantage of them but this cruise is on a very tight shoestring and luckily we are perfectly able to walk, so do your best guys and please give me some advice I have been messing around with my itinerary and a couple of large maps until my head is spinning. Thanks in advance and lovely to know that there are people who still really get a buzz out of travelling kind regards to all Davina