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BentNail wrote:

"On our Pearl cruise in Oct 2008 there were three free laundromats except for soap or you could bring your own. One on deck 5, one on deck 9 across from cabin 9088 and one on deck 10 across from cabin 10082 they were hard to find just a small sign on the upper corner of door. I too have heard that they were being closed and could have been during your cruise. What did we all do before they put the laundromats on the ships. As for the nickle & dime item I have heard this before but all lines have things for sale but you don't need to buy. Our Pearl cruise was 19 days and we had a very good time and the food was good, the bathrooms were small but the room was good size.

Thanks for the confirmation of the laundromats on the NCL Pearl at least up to Oct 2008. While they may not be shown on the deck plans, it is certain that they still may exist.

I used them myself, but was unsure of the exact deck other than 9, and your confirmation and cruiselovers267 confimation show that NCL has not made any conversions yet to inside cabins.

I know on the Pearl when the laundromats were used, they were used heavily by the passengers, and they certainly got plenty of use.

Thanks again BentNail that they do exist on the Pearl.

I am sure that Frase just could not find them.

My post was not a figment of my imagination, it was fact not fiction.

Now perhaps we can put this issue to rest.