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Cooking. Painting with watercolor and acrylic (I'm too impatient for oils). Gardening. Making period-style costumes. I also make costumes to look like inanimate objects. Homebuilding.

Fortunately most of my hobbies I've been able to earn a living from. I was a graphic designer in print advertising in Atlanta for several years. I started my own graphic design business in Birmingham during which time I was able to design costumes for a local theatre company where I was also stage manager. Then I got involved with the Opera where I was production manager, props master (I built furniture, too), and set decorator.

Next, I went to work for a residential development and construction company as builder's assistant and construction supervisor where I was also responsible for the overall design of the homes and all finishing materials. After six years of that, I went solo due to popular demand, doing decorative painting, murals, stucco and plaster finishes, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and decorative tile work.

After too many years lifting things bigger than I, I herniated a disc in my lower back. Had surgery last March, it re-herniated and I am still in pain. No, I'm not on disability.

So, now I maintain over 500 rose bushes for one person's garden. It has more roses and varieties than our city Botanical Gardens. I stay busy with that. As you can see my hobbies are my work.