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When I enquired if wine glasses were provided in cabins I received the following reply:

"It is Princess Cruises policy that alcohol is not to be consumed in staterooms, hence no wine glasses are provided in your cabins. All alcohol is to be consumed in the restuarants or bars, in line with the Responsible Service of Alcohol Act."
It's not uncommon to get a wrong reply to an inquiry from any of the cruiselines. I believe the response they sent is refering to a policy about hard liquor purchased onboard or at a port. Someone there is confusing the alcahol policy as it relates to other than wine and champaigne with their policy for gifts, onboard purchases and bottle brought on within their guidelines for wine/champaigne.

I have the ability to order wine or champaigne as a bon voyage gift to be delivered to a guests cabin and do often. I always order a bottle for my own cabin prior to sailing as well. Unless they have changed their policy very recently, and that is possible, you can have the wine/champaigne in your cabin and they will provide glasses for it.

Cheers, Neil