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I need help - trying to book a cruise today for the Mediterrenean in Sept 10 - and If I look at one more website - one more online agent - talk to one more travel agent - I will have a breakdown. They have me so confused and overwhelmed right now. So..I decided to go to the cruisers themselves and ask them. I know you'll be honest and not about 'making money' by booking a cruise

I've zeroed in on Celebrity, Oceania, Holland, & Azamara. (Princess?)

I want ports mainly in Italy - and Barcelona and maybe Monte Carlo.

I am a NON smoker - and heard the balcony rooms on some ships are horrible for smoke

Don't have a clue about how to book a cabin. Where to book it - so confused. Would love a balconey or verandah?

Just any suggestion to help me narrow down to one would help my nerves today.