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Originally posted by IslandCruz:
Hi LHP and all,

I got my Docs Saturday, which was a surprise being I am more than 4 weeks out.

The most cool thing was when I opened the envelope, and it said for the first time "Proceed to Carnival's VIP Check-In upon arrival". It was a pretty neat feeling.

But, if I added everything up that I have spent with Carnival over the years, is a pretty well paid for perk. I do appreciate them recognizing me as a loyal customer.

Best to all,
How exciting! I understand the "costs" as well, since your family of four are all Platinum. On the Pride in March we got 4 Logo cloth beach bags. I ended up giving 2 of them to some friends who were cruising with us.

I don't gamble, but the free slots tournament was fun.

Our dining times are guaranteed. And we did not have to chase down to the lounge to get a tender ticket...we just flash the ole' Platinum and board. (which will come in handy on our cruise in 2 weeks since 3 of our ports are tendered).

But the best is walking up to the Platinum line (or should I say the lack of a line) at the Purser's Desk when we need something!!

Love it!!