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I am not in a chair but have been the partner with someone that was. The tender staff will make sure that your journey on the tender is safe and enjoyable. They will lift you onto the tender and then your chair. Don't worry about it.

As far as Coco Cay goes, I have not been there with someone in a chair but suspect that they have "sand chairs" available for you. They do on Labadee, so I am sure they will on Coco Cay. Sand chairs are like wheel chairs built for the beach. You will love them.

<< What about Nassau ?>>

Nassau is very accessible


Again, I haven't taken the Sovereign of the Seas with a person in a chair, but I am sure that if you are booked into a cabin designated for those in a chair, it will be just fine.


You will find them very accessable if you have booked an accessible cabin.


I am not sure about the Sovereign. Maybe someone can jump in here.


No problem. You will have priority and avoid the crowds. Be sure to touch base with the passenger relations desk.

Have a great cruise and let us know how it went.