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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
Ha! Yes, those who miss the ship when it leaves the ports-of-call! I remember being on a cruise in 2003 that was in Cozumel one day and we were at Progreso the next day. I like to get up early and watch the arrival proceedings, and so I was up on deck as we moored in Progreso. And there they were.....about a dozen of our fellow passengers who tempted fate (and the clock) while in Cozumel - and lost. They wearily walked down the pier to the applause and catcalls from those of us on the ship. And as you note, many were in bikinis and flip-flops. They were miserable to be sure, but then the Captain called for a meeting with them to add salt to their wounds. I assumed they were very prompt for the rest of the cruise. I can't imagine the embarrassment of boarding a plane or taking the bus to catch up with us while dressed to wow them at the beach.
Old post: Yikes, imagine being stuck in Progresso! I just thought of that on re-reading it. Nevermind, marooned in Cozumel would not be so bad! Trifocals, hmmmph!