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Loyalty rewards should be just that, rewards. I actually think that Princess is way superior to Royal in that regard. They not only reward the number of cruises, but the days at sea. I wish they would give extra points for cabin catagory, but I guess that's too much to ask for. They may not have a coupon book, but they do offer some things that you could actually use, like free internet minutes, the robes, laundry, bar set up, etc. Some of the items I'll never use, but they are offered anyway. I have heard a number of members on this board and elsewhere complaining about the loyalty program from Royal. If they're looking to fill their mega ships, they need to keep ALL of their customers happy. I know it's an enormous task to increase your bottom line with the economic conditions we're having, but it can be done. However, cutting back on what has made your company isn't the right way. Trimming the corporate fat and perks is the better way to go.