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Use cash but don't bring a lot. I know that sounds like silly advice so let me explain. I bring a few hundred bucks, maybe $200-300. Knowing that my wife loves to shop and I like the casino but am really not so good at winning so it's not enough. You can take your key card that you have your CC registered with and get any amount you want (if you limit will allow). That way it simply goes on the tab at the end. No ATM fees, no cash transaction charges or fees. It's not actually charged to the card until you settle your tab at the end. Then one charge goes through for the full amount including your gratuities, the spending money you withdraw, drinks, etc. They give you a statement so you can check to be sure they have the amount right. I've never had one wrong yet. That way you're not carrying tons of cash, no need to hassle with travelers checks which are a pain and you can get what you need when you need it. Be careful at the casino, those "Hey Boss get me another $100. in chips" can add up in a hurry.

Cheers, Neil