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My husband and 15 year old son did this in December and absolutely loved it. You can book on the island after you get there. They make you sign a release waiver and then return at your appointed time. From the time my husband and son left me, they were gone about an hour and a half. It was not something where I could wait with them. They practiced on the small version and then got into a "jeep" while they rode up the side of the mountain and saw the real Haiti. Once atop Dragon's Breath, they were rigged up and sent flying over the ocean. I want to say three, maybe four lines stretch across the ocean. When you finally touch ground, you are back where you started. If all of the adults are interested, maybe you would be interested in having 2 people go in the morning while one of you stay with the 8 year old and then have the last one go in the afternoon while the other 2 stay with the 8 year old. Another option might be if the 8 year old wanted to play with other children and stay with the Adventure Ocean Staff in their water play area. If I recall, they were available on the island from 9:00 - 11:45 and then again later in the afternoon maybe 1:00-3:00. I'm not positive on the times; however, I can dig out my cruise compass if you are interested. Additionally, I will have my hubby provide further details if I left anything off. Hope this helps! I know he thoroughly enjoyed it!


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