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Well, you need to understand that if you are going to pay $690 per couple, it would not cost any more (might even cost less) to simply hire a private car/driver/tour. That being said, we have looked at some of these new "exclusive tours" offered by several cruise lines and they do look interesting but also seem quite costly. As to that itinerary, it would be a busy day but it is quite doable in 9 hours. The route lends itself to tht itinerary since Pompeii is on the way to Sorrento from where the Amalfi Drive has its start. As to whether its worth the money, that depends on how bad you want to see all those places. We could rent a car for about $100 and do the same thing (for 4 people). What really bothers me about these tours is that assuming they get 6 in a van, they are charging over $2000 for a simple driving tour. Of course they do cover your admission to Pompeii (about 11 Euros) and probably cover your lunch, but this sure sounds expensive. It is pretty normal for private tours to do similar itineraries for about 600 Euros which would be total cost for 6 folks not including lunch. Although I do not personally recommend specific tour companies I will push the board rules and give you a web site to look at with a similar tour. This particular company is often mentioned on this board, but we have no personal experience and just give you this info for comparison purposes. There are many other tour companies and individual guides that offer similar options.