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Peter, this could turn into a real nail-biter. You're coming into LAX in the busiest part of the day. Clearing customs and immigration could take quite a while. especially if you're coming in on a jumbo; you don't mention what day of the week or what type of plane or where you are coming from--these would all be factors. You could be slowed down if several international flights arrive around the same time. Then there is the problem of hitting the freeway at rush hour. You don't say if you're sailing from San Pedro or Long Beach; either port could be a 60-90 minute trip(less if it's weekend). A 12:40 arrival means you"ll be at the gate by 13:00 and a 17:30 sailing means you would have to be on board by 17:00, leaving you just four hours from plane to ship. Are you a gambling man? Would you be heartbroken if you missed the ship? Could/would you fly to the first port to meet the ship? These are questions only you can answer. I couldn't handle the anxiety I'd feel trying to make a connection like that--but that's me. For me there are just too many unknowns. But if you decide to go for it, good luck and God bless!