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I just posted a news release from Royal Caribbean on our CruiseNews Blog that provides details of her arrival in the New York Harbor and subsequent viewing opportunities. Here is a portion of the schedule for any posters that might be interested:

May 10* Big Ship in Big Apple: Freedom of the
Seas sails into New York Harbor at 8 a.m. and
then docks at Cape Liberty Cruise Port until
the evening of Thursday, May 11.

May 12* Showtime: Freedom of the Seas makes
her national debut live on NBC's "TODAY" show
while anchored off of the Statue of Liberty
for the three-hour broadcast. The ship will
return to Cape Liberty Cruise Port and then
dock in the afternoon in Manhattan.

May 13* New York, New York: The general
public can head to Manhattan until 4 p.m. to
get a close-up look at Freedom.


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