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Shelby, what a wonderful surprise, and what a wonderful husband!

I assume the 5 of you will be in two rooms? Or did hubby spring for a big suite, too?

I escorted a group on Sovereign in late June, and everyone had a great time. It's an older ship without things like surf pools, but the ship really is in great shape. The only thing you'll notice is that the cabins are small, much smaller than Carnival's cabins were, and a lot smaller than Royal Caribbean's ships that were built after Sovereign, Majesty and Monarch. But other than cabin size (and how much will you be in your cabin, anyway?) the ship has beautiful public rooms, lots to do onboard, etc.

Coco Cay is a great beach day, with several beach areas on the island to explore, bars, and a fantastic barbeque lunch. Water sports are available, and relaxing is a must.

In Nassau, you could find interesting things to do. Take a look at the shore excursions that are offered; maybe something will tickle your fancy.

When are you going?

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