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Like I said, I don't want to knock travel agents, I personally haven't had any luck with them. My last cruise I started to go through an agent and not only was the Carnival Agent around $200 dollars cheaper he also returned my phone calls the same day. My husband get the military discount and she said that there was no military discounts avaliable for the cruise I wanted. She had a great personality and fun to talk to but if she had been that interested in my business she would have been more responsible. It took her a week just to get me a quote. Carnival guy minutes. So that is why I prefer to go that route. And if the Vacation planner work off commission the one I am using this time is well earning it. He has answer several questions and got me quotes on 4 different cruises. The longest I have waited is a day and a half and that was a weekend.

Anyway enough jabbering from me.