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It is one of my least favorite ports & it will be our last stop for our 7 day Glory cruise. Last time we were there my husband didn't even get off the ship. It was hit by a hurricane serveral years ago & they are still trying to rebuild. We took an island tour on our fist cruise there in 2005 & I felt like I was riding around in the gehtto. In 2006 we did a beach break excursion thru Carnival & it was pretty good. Nice beach & we actually saw our neighbors there. (we didn't even know they were on the same ship as us, can you imgine running into your neighbor in the Bahamas...too funny) I have always said that a cruise is as fun as you yourself make it. We usually just stay on the boat in Freeport & have the pool area mostly to ourselves, plus you can get some great deals in the spa on port days. Have fun.