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Well lobster had been, as far as I remember, a protected species with limited fishing grounds and quotas, here on Puerto Rico and the caribbean there are a lot of Red Lobster a great option, it has way better taste than the one the usually serve on cruises, is bigger and have more food serving option than the other one so my best guess thats a lie...
why they keep serving the smaller one?
I don't know...

As for the bare bones

I can only say that on my last cruise with RCCL on the Adventure of the seas they did the same, not with the lobster, but with the buffet options, closing early and limiting the food.
My guess,
Gas prices had hit everyone even the corporations income so everyone have to make sacrifices even the cruise lines like them,
all of the companies had rise their prices, because of it passing the "fuel adjustment" to every cruiser so why now they getting on the food?? or limiting the food??
Well that's a mistery...