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I cruise alone all the time well... I took two women with me on sepreate cruises and both ended up the two worst cruises Ive taken.
couldnt stand the complaining
"I dont want to go to the Casino"
" I have to do my hair and make up I'll be ready in an hour"
"we have been sitting in the hot sun for over an hour"
"***?.. Now.. It's only 11:00 am"
"***? ..Now...someone may come up on the deck and see us "
"lets go shopping"
"it's 10:30 pm lets go to Bed"
" she's just going to braid my hair Ill be done in an hour"
"another beer? youve already had two today so far"
"No!! the shower is too small for both of us at once"
"i have to make the bed and clean up before the stewart comes"
"the topless deck is for perverts"
" I look Fat in That Bikini Ill wear this one piece with a cover up"
"Don't do that Here....I think theres cameras in the Elevators"
" I dont like the way the Girls were Looking at you when you were singing"
" I just want to Cuddle"
"Theres not enough room up there by the Port Holes to do that"
" stop using the mouthwash right from the bottle"

The list can go On and On.... Going on my 6th cruise January 25th and going alone... Booked another one for October 13th of 2007 on the Liberty By myself as well.

There is no words to describe the freedom of Cruiseing alone!!!
there are plenty of singles on board to play with and dance with then go back to being alone doing what you want to do when you want to do it...this past October on the Sensation (4 night)I just didnt feel like getting off the ship at either port so I didnt It was my choice and I had a great cruise just hanging around the ship for the whole can do whatever you want !!!! It's a wonderful
Do a four day cause the quick three days is just one day too short. youll just be getting used to it and then it's over...the extra 4th night is just enough, Im doing my first 8 day in Oct ...Just hope i have enough Casino money to hold out that long....
Try it alone you'll love it
Just My Experience.