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Congrats on your big 30! It is good to see a couple who have been together that long still have things to say to each other at a table for two. If it were me, first I would find my table after I get settled and find out if it is a table for 2,4,6,8,10 or 12. I do not much care for tables for 4. If you do not like your table mates you have no one else to talk to and makes for an uncomfortable dining but if it is a larger table you have more people to talk to. I understand that you want a table for 2 and that is great. My husband and I did a freestyle dining cruise and each night we sat with different people. On 2 nights we were sat at a table for 2 and we ran out of things to say. We enjoy meeting other people so we always give the first night a try. If we do not like our table mates we can always change. On our last cruise we met the nicest couple from England. We looked forward to each dinner to discuss what we had done that day. Enjoyed a drink and the evening shows together. I wish I had asked for their address to keep in touch. They were such a delight! Have a GREAT Celebration!