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I like my diet pepsi. I heard there was a soda card but can not find the price for it? Anybody know?
Welcome to cruise-chat.

If you like Diet Pepsi you will be disappointed. Carnival only serves Coke products, as do most cruise lines. I think NCL has switched to Pepsi products.

When I last checked the "unlimited soda package" on Carnival was $5.50 per day for adults and $4 per day for those 17 and under. They also add 15% gratuity. So an adult package for a 7 night cruise is a little over $44. These are glasses of soda, not cans, although on every Carnival cruise I've been on for the past few years they were poured from cans. Not sure if it has changed back to a bar fountain, or if the price has increased.

Unless you drink a lot of soda these are rarely a good deal, at least for adults.