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Hi Keith,
I have to agree with macmom111 on this one. Roatan is a poor country, however, I know they will be creating tourist attractions. For something like a zip line or wave runners or ATV rentals, I'd stick with a ship's excursion until their economy picks up. Usually, not always, a ship's excursion has checked out the vendor. I know the lady that was killed in Belize was on a ship's cave tubing excursion, but normally the ship's excursions are safer. I know there are many that will disagree with me, but if I've not been to an island before, I take a ship's excursion. Once I've been there and see whether I feel comfortable with the local attractions, then I might book on my own. Grand Cayman, Cozumel, St. Thomas, and many other islands that have had ship traffic for years are pretty safe to go out on your own. My only caviat would be Jamaica. I'd venture on my own with a group only there, and then it wouldn't be to any place but a well known tourist area. Although safety cannot be guaranteed anywhere, I tend to lean towards the cautious. Even though I love adventure, I want to continue cruising as much as my pocketbook will allow I know a zip line would be awesome there, but maybe check it out this trip. Then you have a good excuse to go back