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Hi Captain Merky,
Thanks for the advise on the hiking. I purchased Kauai revealed about the hikes and researced them in depth. Thank you for your concern of the safety with hiking. The one I will take does require caution as all of them do! I will take your suggestion and look into a guided hike on the volcanoes national park. I am also doing a great hike on Maui. I definatley will be mindful of mother nuture as all the things I like to do are a a bit on the risky side. Thank you for the tips on the bus. Where in Great Britian are you from. I lived in Putney Hill and went to scholl in Knightsbridge from 1975 to 1977. I had a blast there. I loved London! We went back there and it brought back alot of good memories.
I know what you mean about coming back down to earth once you get back from Hawaii, that is why we are going back in May. ALready booked the same cruise with NCL. I was never on the ship much anyway. Thanks again for your wonderful info and I am so glad you both had agreat time in Hawaii and on the ship!