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Originally posted by Sonny V:
Originally posted by f-mattox:
And Mom, at 91, is still traveling.
Bless her heart. My mom will be 106 in June; she isn't able to travel.


Sonny and Rick,
You are both so very fortunate to have your moms still with you. God bless them both!

You mention having dined at Sanborns, Mexico City in '56 at the age of 13. I am 5 years your senior but aside from that, I began spending the bulk of my summers in Mexico City and surrounding areas from the time I was 6 as one of my uncles was the American Counsel. He also had a home in Cuernavaca where we would go for the weekend. One summer we spent in Merida at one of the homes of Presidente Miguel Aleman, a friend of my uncle.

You also mention, San Miguel de Allende - one of the most beautiful and charming towns in all of Mexico!

Another restaurant in Mexico City that your mom may have taken you to was named "Les Ambassadeurs". If memory serves, it was upstairs within the same block as the Hotel Prado, very elegant with tuxedoed waiters, silver service, etc.

So much for a skip down memory lane - we don't want to bore all these lovely people that visit this site!