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Hi John,
Cruise Fanatic is correct it is about a two hour bus trip each way. We are going to Ho Chi Minh this time as we only went into Vung Tau last time.
The latest from Princess is we will not have to tender but there is some confusion, to quote someone from another board "there are really three places called Phu My. One very close to Vung Tau ( Ba Tai Ratoi), one the port of Phu My Hung (Sky Scraper City-Saigon South- Ba Ria Serece) where the construction is going on and one about 150 miles NORTH of Saigon. They won't be using the one NORTH of Saigon, but the other two are both called Phu My. One is under construction-the one the cruise ships HOPE to use this year. Princess is somewhat correct in saying you will dock-IF and only IF they are docking at Ba Tai Ratoi (which is really Vung Tau, but not in the Vung Tau district)"
The main thing is we will all enjoy the cruise no matter where it docks!
Kind Regards
(I have sent you a private post with some other information)