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Originally posted by tompands:
ARE YOU KIDDING? Sea days are what cruising is all about. Being out in the open water, with no land in sight. The sun beating down on you, so hot you want to go inside,but you can't because the breeze feels so good-thinking about where your gonna go when you do go in,(casino,show,message,eat,take a nap in the a/c),there's plenty to do on sea days. I sort of get a little depressed when we're pulling into port because now I have to walk all over the place and spend MORE money shopping with the wife, especially tendered ports-I'm the "relax on a lounge chair" type guy-not to big on the walk around/sight seeing thing-so sea days are for me,always.
days at sea are the best, like you said laying back getting foofoo drinks taking in the brezze,eating like a mad dog, napping ,shows , i dont even like getting off the boat , i need a cruise to nowhere LOL.does carnival offfer them out of nola.? i would want to be at sea at least 4 days.but on a big boat. not a casino boat.
i miss cruising!