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Bentnail -

Thanks for the info…love the handle by the way…I’m going out on a limb here saying you know a thing or two about carpentry!

Anyway, the breakdown of costs is very helpful.

Question – since you had an opportunity to sample so many – did you do Mambos? Paul and I are great fans of Tapas and are really looking forward to that one. I’m actually quite surprised that the surcharge is only $10.00 pp! What a deal!

I’m already mapping out which restaurant we’ll do on what day. Paul tells me that I’m possessed! Once I’m booked on a cruise I have to be completely involved with it until we step aboard…after that I can relax knowing it’s all planned. Comes from being a left brained engineer!

Since we’ve been around the Caribbean a bit we don’t feel quite so compelled to do as many shore excursions. As such, we’ll be aboard when deals will no doubt be going on and the ships will be empty. That’s the best time to be aboard! We’re firm believers of the “the ship is the destination” philosophy and intend to take every advantage while everyone else is ashore. We’re only scheduled for a tour in Belize and Cozumel…leaves us plenty of time aboard to explore and EAT!

About the noise in the big main dining rooms. I agree but I just loved “Venetian” so much on Dawn that I know I’ll love “Summer Palace” just as much and hey, one good thing about turning 50 and working in aerospace all my life…my hearing is shot! LOL!

Thanks again for the cost breakdown!

(And yes, I am already planning a weight reduction regimen for when we return!)

Bon Voyage!

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