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Originally posted by vacation bound:
Blame - shmame. Someone died and all the "cruise trekkies" seem to do is defend the RCCL and other cruiselines against anyone effecting their bottom-line.
No one is blaming anyone because non of us were there to witness what really happened, but if you have any sense at all, you would realize that neither the cruise ship, the cruise line, or an employee picked up that poor man and tossed him over board. So do you know what that means??? It means that there could only been two possible people at fault, and possibly as many as four. The man that died, or his wife or the reportedly two guys that were drinking with him are the ONLY ONES AT FAULT. What from that do blamers not get and the1-800 ask the shameless attorneys profit from?? We've lost touch with responsibility, and we act out of control because someone else will pay for our stupid, irresponsible actions. I recently read a post from someone asking for advice about getting two rooms for their cruise. One for her and her husband, and the other for their twelve year old and SEVEN (YES, SEVEN) year old sons. I couldn't help asking this lady what she thinks could possibly happen if in the middle of the night, her seven year old wakes up and decides to look for his parents. All of the rooms look the same (did she think about that?) or could she envision that little boy desperately looking for his mom and decides to walk to the open areas of the ship...could she see the danger in that? I guess not. What about someone finding him that could hurt him? I could go on, but do you see that I can't pay for someone else's stupidity and lack of common sense???? I have a son the same age as Mr. Smith, and how dare anyone try to say that because I question their actions and judgment that we don't care? No! Shame On You!

I'm off, I'm planning my next cruise and to pick the winning #s to the Florida Lottery today. If I win, I'm treating all of you on this post to your favorite cruise. But only those people that are willing to be responsible adults, and not act like idiots. Happy Cruising everyone!