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Dr - what exactly was that? I think my internet is broken at the moment, so I couldn't check it out. If it's what I think it is, I saw the loud car stereo competition on TV one year - very cool.

As for me, I'm big into playing sports. I play 4 seasons of hockey a year, a season of flag football, I just finished summer volleyball, and I try to get involved in all kinds of pick up games. Also like to ride my bike alot. Lots of beer pong too, but not sure if that counts as a sport haha.

I'm a big fan of the water - I'm about 15 minutes from the beach, so I love going down there to go for a swim or toss the frisbee around.

I love to cook - I have no formal training or anything, but I'll watch a cooking show or hear about something new, and run to the kitchen to try it. Nothing better than grilling outside on a nice day with a cold beer.
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