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we always fly delta or comair. cincy is delta's 2nd largest hub. it is also the most expensive airport to fly out of. i rarely have any trouble with delta. i use my skymiles 90% of the time when i fly. for our next cruise in 6 days! i did buy my tickets this time. @700.00 for the two.( couldn't find any good flights with my skymiles). of course the flights have changed a number of time and i have called a couple of time to have them (flights) changed and now i have direct flights each way! they have always been great to work with. the key to less hassle is to book as far in advance as possible. you get the best prices and flight that way. you still need to check prices from time to time because they do change just like cruises. the same can be said for hotel rooms also. remember airline post flight 331 days in advance. this is good to know if you use skymiles.

hope this was helpful!



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