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I am an officially addicted karaoke person.

Over the years, I have had the best and the worst.

The best (Hey Melvin) did many things that made him the best.

1. He showed up about 20 minutes early to make certain his equipment was set up and operational on time. You would be amazed at the number of hosts who slide in 5 minutes before karaoke is suppose to start and then spend 20 minutes setting up.

2. He had the first hour for "family karaoke" and the then rest of the night was for adults (over 18) only. Nothing will clear a karaoke room faster than some 7 year old singing Mary Had a Little Lamb at 11pm at night. Adults who love karaoke do not cruise to babysit someone else's kids. By having the first hour for "family karaoke"....Grandma and Grandpa could see little Susie "be a star" and then we could move on to serious adult fun!!

3. Melvin was willing to do anything he could to see that the cruisers had a good time. For example: He was on the Imagination which has the new digital karaoke system. However, since the selection is still very limited, he made sure the secondary system was set up so that folks (like me) could use their own cdgs. And he accommodated us with a smile.

4. Melvin walked through the audience and welcomed people (EVEN those who were clearly not singing). He made everyone feel special.

5. Melvin took the time to know his equipment.
He had a great ear and knew how to work the sound board to produce the best sound possible for the singer.

6. Yes, he had a fabulous voice but more importantly...he had the desire to make people happy.

As for the worst....that would be the young lady who spent the entire session writing letters to her boyfriend or family or whomever.
She did not want to be there. She could have cared less how anyone sounded....and it showed.

Hope that helped!!