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As promised the following is my friend's sons note to me about his SCUBA adventure in Cozumel. Ben is a motorcycle salesman and in a rock n roll band, his brother Wesley is a doctor, they could be a sitcom, brothers who love each other but couldn't be more different. Think McDreamy and McSteamy. Fantastic young men, I have know since they were young kids.

I went to Aldora Divers and they were great. They use bigger tanks I guess so you stay down longer than you would with a lot of other places. I did four dives and each one was about an hour. Also the instructor and driver expect tips. They do everything according to PADI so that was great because I was able to get half my certification done up here. Then do my four open water dives down there. It was amazing. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. You feel like you're in a giant fish tank. Some people get scared. I guess they have a lot to live for. Lol just kidding. You know its like anything. It's only dangerous if you don't do it properly. Like driving a car or riding a motorcycle.

The water temperature was perfect. You just wear a regular wetsuit. I think they call it 3mill for it's thickness. I brought one from home and Wesley rented one. We rented everything else but our fins and masks. We brought our own fins and masks. The current can be very strong so they try to keep you close to the reef where there is less current. I will do it again. For sure.
They trained with Aldora Divers in Michigan, before their trip to Cozumel. Ben is ready to go again, Wesley will stay on the beach with Mom...LOL
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