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Wheelchairs can certainly cruise. The ships are usually very easy to get around on - the best have automatic doors throughout. The difficulty starts when you disembark at ports of call. You'll sometimes find ramps, other times you'll have to be carried down steps. Tenders may be accessible, maybe not. And w/c accessible excursions are rare (I've found private tours in San Juan, St. Thomas, Costa Rica). I personally don't think the industry likes us much (we need bigger cabins, special lifts, etc.). They do very litte to encourage w/c users, but that being said, you'll find the ship personnel VERY helpful in overcoming the barriers. Handicap rooms are spacious, and charging my w/c just means plugging it in same as in any hotel room. As for a bed lift, I don't use one so don't know - check with the cruise line. So far I like Royal Caribbean best. Their private peninsula Labadee is easily tendered and hard-packed sand.