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When I go on any vacation, I prepare myself that something could go "wrong". When I drive in my car - I know that my car could break down and that is an expense I am not counting on having on my vacation. I lost one full day of vacation in an airport because the plane was being repaired. A friend of mine suffered a heart attack while on vacation in Mexico and ended up in the hospital for weeks. Anything can happen and in those instances, you don't get reimbursed from anyone. Everyone should have an emergency fund - whether it is at home or on vacation and be prepared for accidents to happen and deal with them as they do. It sounds like Carnival is really trying to make it right the best they can. I leave on my first cruise in 4 weeks - I can't wait. I always breath a sigh of relief when I get back from an "accident" free vacation! Do you think the price of our drinks will go up? Who cares -I have it budgeted in case they do!