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I am definitely having sticky bun withdrawal! I did not try the ice bar because I didn't want to pay $20 to go into 17 degrees, I can do that at home for free I was hoping Ron would go in and get a couple of pictures, but he didn't want any part of it either. I wish I could have found someone to volunteer to take a picture for me. There are only 17 ice bars in the world.

The Sea Princess is still my favorite ship, but the Epic is totally amazing. She rides very smoothly as well. We did have a few patches of 6-8' seas, but you didn't even rock. She still looks like she's wearing a hat, but she grows on you.

I was surprised though, usually NCL ships are very light and airy with bright colors. The interior was dark compared to the other ships I've been on. Dark wood, subdued colors, more of an older maritime look. But the $983K chandalier was breath-taking.