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As a passenger on the NCL 3 times in 2007, there must be some confusion over the NCL Pearl. When we were on the Pearl in Feb 2007(So Carribean Cruise 9 day) May 20th (Alaska 7 day cruise) and September 2007 (repositioning cruise) the NCL Pearl DID indeed have self serve laundromats on board. There were two on Deck 9 and two on Deck 11. They were located on the inside of the ship, midship. At first when we tried to find them, we had a hard a time locating them. There was just a simple sign on the door. After asking where they were located, we found them and used them on all three sailings. Current travel websites still list the Self Serve Laundromats as shown below.

It is possible that you just could not locate them?

I have been informed however that NCL was proposing to eliminate self serve laundromats deciding to turn the space into Inside Cabins. I am not sure if that plan was instituted and completed on your cruise.

However, here's what I found tonight on a premier website known to many for vacation cruise specials, and an advertiser on this website ....of the NCL Pearl's services and Amenities.

Services & Amenities
Bars/Lounges 13
Beauty Salon/Barber Shop Yes
Casino Yes
Chapel Yes
Disco/Dancing Yes
Elevators 12
Hot Tub 6
Internet Access Yes
Laundry/Dry Cleaning Yes
Library Yes
Movie Theatre No
Onboard Weddings Yes
Self Serve Laundromats Yes
Shops Yes
Showroom Yes
Spa Yes
Video Arcade Yes

Hopefully this information sheds some light on the Pearl. I do realize that NOT all NCL ships have laundromats. We can only remember the newest class of ships such as the Jewel, Gem and Pearl having such amenities. Perhaps someone else can provide feedback on this issue.

After 3 cruises on the Pearl, it was disappointing Frase to read the review. We can all make suggestions for a better cruise experience, but we also have to understand that it was YOUR cruise, and perhaps some problems exisited that made your cruise less than what was expected.

I am sure that we can all agree, not all cruises can provide the 100% level of perfection that we expect. I do suggest however, when making plans for another cruise, give NCL another chance. For many cruisers they have their favorite lines.

Frase...thanks however for your input, as it is good know your thoughts about your personal cruise experience.