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Yes, it's true, you have to pay for internet access, BY THE MINUTE!! It can get pricey about 75 cents or more per minute. We recently sailed on the Prinsendam and I used my laptop frequently, but for work, workaholic I guess. Make sure you check the internet cafe or the handouts in your room at the beginning of your cruise for the internet specials. I am sure all the HAL ships would offer the same thing. There was a price break if you purchased, I can't remember the number exactly, but 200 or 250 minutes for $100. It was a bout 40 cents a minute or so. Towards the end of the cruise they might sell smaller increments. But you are also smart to do your writing off line and then connect and cut and paste into your email to save those precious minutes. That's an advantage of having your own laptop. Sometimes the connections are slower at times, so I would suggest to just log off and try another time when it is quicker and you don't have to waste minutes just waiting for a website to load. Have a great trip.