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Hi there.

My Other and I are searching for another couple or two people that would like to go on a double excursion of the Dizibanche and Kinichna Mayan sites for way less than the price of one offered by the cruise line itself. There needs to be 4 people for the tour to happen. Hense why Im searching for another couple. I am a painter and heavily reliant on seeing as much of the Mayan sites as possible for research with my up and coming show in the summer. The date we would be going is on February 4th 2009. Arrival time would be 10:30am and we would be back in plenty of time to board the ship. I think the reason why its so hard to find people to go on this excursion is because nobody knows about it unless you search for yourself on the net. Its an amazing deal for anybody who would like to see the sites for lesser and travel with another couple who rawk as well I might add I would be forever gratefull because Im so depending on taking as many Mayan site photos as possible without hundreds of people strolling into the shot, along with lots of variation of scenery whcih I dont think only one of the "popular" tours would be able to offer. For anybody interested. I will be checking for replys constantly until the day we leave for the ship and I look forward to hearing from ya The site for the excursion is posted below, please check it out and get back too me a.s.a.p Great times are ahead indeed! Kinicha CostaMaya. htm

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