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Hello. We are going to Morocco for 2.5 weeks the end of May. I have been doing LOTS of research. If you want to go into a mosque, you can go into the Mosque of Hassan II. It was built in 1992-1993, opened in 1993. The tour books say it is the "second largest reliqious building in the world after the mosque in Mecca." It is one of only a very few mosques in the world that allow non-muslin in it. The minaret is 656 ft high, you will probably see it from the port. Lonely Planet say you have to take a guided tour to get in, costing about $11-12 (according to the tour book), and must be dressed "respectfully". The pictures of it look absolutely beautiful. We are definately going there. We are only staying in Casablanca for 1 night, because most of the historical sights are not in Casablanca. Casablanca is a relatively "new" city, compared to the others. The original Berber town of Anfa was destroyed by a earthquake in 1755. Casablanca rised up in its place. Anyways, Lonely Planet recommends shopping at the "Quartier Habous", for the most "pleasant and picturesque" place to shop. Until the early 1900's, Casablanca was only a "medina", a walled Arab town. Then the French invaded, and it slowly evolved into a bustling city, and "Moroccos busiest port". Anyways, you can take a taxi to the old medina, for a more authentic feel of old Morocco. Taxis seem to be pretty cheap, from what I have read. For great cafes and "smart shops" another tour book recommends the "crossroads of Boulevards Zerktouni and d'Anfa". There are also museums, and other stuff. I could go on much longer but I'll stop here. If you have any other questions let me know. I have 3 tour books for my reference. I am very excited, can you tell Lil' Lori

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