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I have emailed Stefano regarding transfers and his prices look very good!

We've found a group of 3 who are departing Rome on Sunday the 27th, their flight only an hour earlier than ours, so we will be sharing a transfer from Rome to the airport (our hotels are both near the Vatican).

But we're still hoping to find someone that is arriving at FCO (Rome) airport on May 12th in the late afternoon, that is staying at a hotel in Civitavecchia. I can't believe we're the only people with that sort of schedule! *L* Then we'd be able to split the cost of that transfer. Stefano's email indicated that I will need to give him the airline, flight, and arrival info and his driver will meet us right outside of Customs with a sign with our name on it -- that will make me feel better than trying to seek out the driver when we know no Italian!

Now, on Friday the 25th, after debarking, we are still looking for 2 or 3 people to share the port-to-Rome transfer. There is a group of 5 already that I know, and we thought the mini-bus could fit 7 with luggage, but then we were told that it will fit 7 people with one suitcase and one carry-on ONLY per person. Well, hubby and I have not managed to get by on that little luggage on any cruise yet, and we've never been on a 12-night cruise! *L* So, the group of 5 is going to stay on their own so they have enough room for their luggage, so now I'm looking for others interested in getting from the port to Rome....