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Originally posted by f-mattox:
JimD, I've never had a full suite so I can't speak from experience, but just from looking at the deck plans, my one reservation about E733 is that it is right above the Vista Lounge. This may not be a problem unless you retire early; it may not even be a problem at all. But it is something to consider.

My solution would be to book either D736 or D737 one deck up;
Same size, same price, and you have a buffer between you and the lounge.

The other thing I've noticed about the suites on the stern is they don't get a lot of sun. The bulkheads and balconies above give you a lot of wind protection but they also block out a lot of sun; or course you may like this. I prefer a lot of sun.

As for the dimensions, I have no reason to doubt Princess' figures. It agrees with the information printed in the brochure.
Unfortunately, I cannot book any other suite. They are all waitlisted.

I did find out something very interesting. I was checking another web site that I have access too and they list the square footage of all the rooms that are available. I was checking another date on the Golden, and listed each of the rooms and it seems the Vista Suite is the largest in it's category along with Penthouse and Premium.

The Vista Suites on Emerald Deck are 527 square feet (total including balcony). The other suites (PH & PS) are all under 500 square feet. And, the owners suite is 591 Square Feet (including balcony).

I'm guessing the Emerald Deck vista suites are cheaper because of how low they are and also because, as you stated, they are above the Vista Showlounge.

Anyway, thanks for all of your comments.