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I have been on 4 cruises in my lifetime (so far). And I have been to all those places you are going to, except for Bermuda.

I really liked St. Thomas. My reccomendation for a shore excursion there, would be to take a boat or ferry ride to neighboring U.S.V.I., St. John to visit Trunk Bay. It was amazingly beautiful. I am sure I have seen Trunk Bay in some movie. Anyway, my shore excursion was titled "5-Star To Trunk Bay". It involved boarding the boat Leylon Sneedwhich was docked right next to our cruise ship. The Leylon Sneed then took us to and from Trunk Bay. It was wonderful. If you can't find this particular shore-ex., I am sure you can find similar one that will take you to Trunk Bay,St. John.

Another nice shore excursion while in St. Thomas is ride on the "St. Thomas Skyride To Paradise Point". It is a ski-lift type gondola ride up the top of a mountain for a beautiful panaramic view of St. Thomas. It is located within walking distance from your cruiseship. I went on the skyride during my fourth cruise last year. You don't have to book shore excursion tickets in advance for the skyride. You could just simply walk-up to the entrance to the skyride and purchase tickets there. That's what I did. However, I discovered that the shore excursion tickets sold onboard the ship were a few dollars less. Oh and learn. Anyway, I did enjoy the skyride.

I did not go to these places, but I heard that other nice shore excursions in St. Thomas involve going to:
- Maegan's Bay
- Coral Word
- Coki Beach