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I wanted to share that I too was cringing at the thought of having to purchase 2 formal dresses for out two formal dinner nights, that was...till I found "ROSS DRESS FOR LESS" I hope they have them where you live! I found me and my daughter 2 beautiful black dressy dresses for 15.-20. each! I think I bought something new to wear for most every day of the 8 day cruise and my daughter some things as well and walked out for under 200! I might add that was a total of 4 bathing suits! Check out Ross, TJ Max assuming you have these discount shopping places where you are. I feel wonderful having a new wardrobe for my cruise. Just another thing to get excited about. I found a nice 6 piece set of luggage 29", 25", and a 20", rolling duffle and bath bags on clearance for 44. at Target crazy huh?? Now if only the next 5 weeks would pass. I don't know what else to do..I am way too excited, I need to vacation more often. It has been 4 years since my last big vacation.
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