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Sorry, I got side tracked.

Quick tips for first time cruiser...
make a packing list
3.passports (or proper birth certificate)
3a. photo id like a drivers license
4. $50 in 1 dollar bills for tipping
5. small extension cord (only one outlet in cabin)
6. Lysol spray to disinfect room and handle "unexpected" smells (not necessarily the fault of the cruiseship..if you get my drift!)
7. Soda & water in a carry one. (I have an extra pilot bag that I use to roll it on) It is legal..we have taken 2 12 pk and water!!

Also remember that room service is included (although I do tip $2) and if you like expresso or cappicino you can get it for FREE in the formal dining room at lunch and dinner. You will have to pay extra on the Promenade.

Order as many of the appetizers as you want (and that goes for entrees as well) No one wants to be wasteful but don't hesitate to pick and choose as you please!!

I use the doorhangers every morning to have my continental breakfast delivered at the appointed time. Be sure to mark everything you need. If you want bagels, you have to also mark cream cheese if you want that is not automatic. Coffee and bagels have always arrived warm.

Don't be afraid to go into the Spa area. The sauna and showers are free as well as the gym equipment. Basically the only thing that costs extra in the spa is anything that requires a human to help you do it. Manicure, massages, aerobics etc. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to ask. I would rather you ask and them tell you it is free and you enjoy it then not ask and miss out!!

If you are into karaoke, take your own cdgs if you have them. Their selection can be limited. The karaoke hosts are very careful with your cdgs!!

See and do it can sleep when you get home.

That's a start.....oh yea have a wonderful cruise!!