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Just wanted to report that we had the BEST VIP Check In EVER!!!!

The Glory was a couple of hours late getting in, and the desk clerk let us know about we slept late and left the hotel at 12:30pm (we usually leave at 11AM).

Again, we left the hotel (Radisson - by taxi) at 12:30pm and were ON LIDO eating by 12:55pm.

There were folks standing outside the door in the regular line. But there was no one in the VIP line. We literally walked right past everyone. Right through Security...Right through Check our "photo" for the wall and walked on the ship.

KUDOs to Port Canaveral!!!
Thanks for the report LHP!

Port Canaveral usually does a great job with VIP check-in. At least that has been my experience so far. The VIP staff are very accommodating and good at keeping everyone informed. They are humorous too sometimes. I asked if I could go back out to smoke after checking in, and was told not unless I would forfeit my cruise to her. She was kidding, and let them know I was going back out. I breezed right back in through the VIP line.

The staff at the Radisson are awesome in my opinion too. I drove down over night the last time and arrived before 7AM. The desk clerk was so nice and let us check in without paying the extra night. I didn't want to wait for the free shuttle and took a taxi over.