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Excellent choice! My favorite of all the Princess ships sailing Alaska.

All the balcony cabins are basically the same. The things that distinguish one catagory from another are the location and the size of the balcony itself. The cabins on Lido Deck are desirable because of their proximity to the pools and open decks--and noise is not an issue. The cabins on Caribe Deck are also desirable because the balconies are larger than the others.

The suites come in a variety of shapes, sizes and locations. It just depends on how much room you want and where you want to be. I have not had the pleasure of staying in a suite yet but from talking to those that have, I would say you pretty much get what you pay for.

My favorite catagory is the mini-suite; it's a lot more room for not a lot more money than a balcony cabin. You get a much larger bathroom with tub, bigger closets and more storage space, sitting area, and a larger balcony. The last two on Dolphin Deck and Emerald Deck have even larger balconies, but most of us know this, so you really have to book way in advance to lock one of them up. And the first two on Dolphin Deck are what they call "Family Suites"; they are actually two interconnecting mini-suites, should you need that much room.

So it really depends on how much room you want and where you want to be. I would suggest a balcony on Lido or Caribe deck or any mini-suite.

Once again, congratulations on your choice and have a wonderful cruise.