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Hi Garyg,

It's always nice to get some helpful hints from someone with a positive attitude to NCL cruises. We went to Hawaii last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. We learned then that booking for the speciality restaurants has to be done more or less as you board the ship if there is a special occasion that you'd like to celebrate. We didn't get my first choice restaurant for my birthday. But second choice was also good. I can't see us ever going on a cruise with set meal times and seating.

Can you give us an idea of what entertainment is on offer? I know it may have changed but a general idea would be useful to have.

Of all the ports, Rome offers the greatest challenge to us. There is so much to see! My first mate and I have both been before (separately) but the in-laws have never been. Given the distance from the port we're wondering what would be best to do with them in the limited time. Any ideas? What did you do in Rome? We will definitely take one of the NCL organised tours which will take the headache of getting back to the ship on time away from us.