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Dwayne, Not only was Carnival's Cozumel pier awesome, it was, by all accounts, solid and withstanding of most anything. Just goes to show the havoc a storm can create. I'm sure if I saw it, I too, would be deeply saddened.

Cozumel is one of our favorite ports. It was where my husband and I honeymooned 20 years ago, next month. We spent 7 days in Cancun then took a puker over to Cozumel for another 5 days. Cozumel stole my heart in those 5 days. We have been going back repeatedly ever since. Although, I cannot say the same about Cancun.

In Cozumel, we stayed at the El Presidente Hotel, which is still regarded as one of Cozumel's finest hotels, to date.
Hopefully, things will turn around and, "the powers that be" can come to an agreement on the new pier construction.